Shawn Ashmans Artwork Feature

Shawn Ashman, artist, author, coach and Artrepreneur’s work was featured on the cover of a major law publication in Argentina in December 2018.  Ashman’s painting from the series “Justice Brotherhood and Peace” is the front feature for the RYD. Republic and Law Magazine at the National University of Cuyo, Argentina.

Inspired by the justice sector in which she works, Ashman did her second series of Law related paintings depicting the Judiciary in Jamaica and using art to inspire a positive change for “Justice for All in the World.”

Ashman’s work is making splashes as her piece “Justice is Liberty,” which depicts a Jamaican influenced Lady Justice, representing the Judiciary and features a scale which depicts the balance of Justice is the cover spread for the Republic and Right, Vol: 3, No. 3 magazine.
Shawn’s work can be viewed at:

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