There is always something to overcome in our lives, tribulations are God’s way to stretch us and mould us into the person we want to become.  Saying we want an improved live, comes with improved attitude, skills and outlook on life and in order for us to get those new attributes we have to be changed. 

I recently had a health challenge that changed my perspective on life.  How? It jolted me into action!  I had to change my mind (renewed mind), my body (fitter body) and my relationship with God (Improved faith). In less than 48hr, I to get my head right, my consciousness together and take brave steps to reclaim my health.  Henceforth, I decided that I will no longer sit around and hope for new experiences and things to come into my life, by osmosis or otherwise, but instead, bring them to me by doing taking action.   

I decided to just “do” the desires of my heart, instead of just having the desires sit there, stored up in my heart waiting for divine action.  We are already divine beings made in God’s image and after his likeness, we need not sit and wait for God to do the work, instead we should just instead use our legs and hands and become God in Motion.  God is in us, with us and for us and with that, we can triumph over any circumstance in our lives, if we just take action. 

So I was 11 weeks into my recovery from surgery and I decided to take action.  I decided to get fit again.  It was not advisable to run (which is my thing) but instead to do light walks and exercises.  I got up and started this journey, I know everything is a mental game and that battles are first won in the mind and so that’s where I started. 

I started by telling myself that I can do this!  I can walk fast and be a walk champion, that I can join one of Jamaica’s finest walkers on the podium.  I told myself this, then I took the next bold step to write it down.  I did! I went even further by sharing it with everyone, so I can be held accountable.  The most important part of this manifestation was showing up for the race.  I was not quite there yet, in terms of my fitness level but I decided to try, I knew this goal will be accomplished soon but I have to start racing to know where I am positioned to accomplish this dream.

Race day came and I am clueless on how to approach this.  My church sister mentored me and took me through the ropes.  She explained how the walk race is done and she gave me a strategy.  She encouraged me, I took counsel and action!  I walked so fast and hard. When my chest tightened and I felt like stopping, I kept telling myself, I can do this!  I was so focused on keeping my legs on the ground, that I couldn’t keep track of my placement amongst the walkers, but I kept going.   I finished the race and was so happy.  Walking is hard!  It take so much more energy than running. I was very happy that I finished the race and was out on my feet again, given that a few weeks prior, I couldn’t walk without pain!

The announcements were being made and they called the top three walkers and who would know it? I finished in second place, right next to my sister as I predicted.  See, I challenged myself and took action and got favourable results.  I was so excited. This race was one of the most important races to me, as I felt victory over my health challenge, I felt blessed as a child of God and I showed myself once again that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

I cried, and my club and church family embraced me and celebrated me.  I felt gratitude that was unmeasured, I am favoured by God and I felt it, it was such a good feeling.  I have grown, from a runner into walker.  I have strengthened my resilience muscle. My story encouraged others and motivated so many persons around the world to get up and take action in their lives.

This painting tells my story.  Stay tune.

Shawn Ashman

Lady Ash

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