Musical Vibrations


Acrylic on Canvas


Musical Vibrations

Feel the drum, feel the melody, feel the musical vibrations.  This piece for me was interesting as the instruments did their own dance.  A rhythm that was new, yet familiar.  The colours-blend was also a unique concert, as this musical interlude was warm and welcoming.  It called to a different space in my soul and echoed tones I have never heard before.  I enjoyed this piece, it resonated on a new frequency.

Learn more about Shawn Ashman and the work she does, in motivating and inspiring people using visual arts. To register or book one of her workshops: vision-board, time and stress management, draw your life, change management. pencil colouring parties, paint and sip, etc.  visit her studio or get more information on her company’s website:

Shawn’s paintings are drawn from a space of inspiration, hope and renewal. She believes that we can upcycle our lives and live from a space of purpose and positive intentions.  Our success is in-built, we just need to tap into it and explore our goodness-potential.

Believe in yourself and what you create and that confidence will be transmuted through your work and others will feel and enjoy it.

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Weight 23166 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 13.5 in