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The Art of the Vision Board  –  Electronic Book

Following on her inspiring book, Life on Canvas, Shawn Ashman an artist, author and motivational speaker, now shares more of her secrets to success and illustrates how she uses the vision board as a tool to attract prosperity in her life.

In the Art of the Vision Board, you will learn how to get clarity about your life’s purpose and understand that the vision is the most important part of the vision board design process.  It gives you end-to-end techniques for the reaping of success and helps to stimulate deep introspective moments that will invoke clarity for your mission to greatness.

In this book, you will learn the art of selecting the right pictures for your vision board, how to layout your dreams in picture, and to add creative designs to make your board interesting.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to align yourself with your vision and explores practical motivational steps that can be applied to your life after the board has been developed.

This book is a part of Shawn’s journey of inspiring and nurturing creativity in the world; a must-have tool to paint a successful picture for your life.


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