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Shawn Ashman

Hibiscape - Bloom Burst

Hibiscape - Bloom Burst

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Collection Name: Hibiscape 

Title: Bloom Burst

Size: 5.5" x 5.5"

Medium:  Acrylic Art Board

Framed: Yes

Type:  Original Works that is hand painted

Join us in enjoying serenity and rejuvenation with the Hibiscape Collection, where the exquisite beauty of the hibiscus flower becomes your gateway to inner peace and healing.

Each artwork in this collection is a visual masterpiece, capturing the essence of the hibiscus in all its splendor. With deep reds, vibrant pinks, and sunny yellows, our pieces invite you to lose yourself in their intricate patterns and soothing hues.

In the Caribbean, the hibiscus is an everyday sight—a hardy plant that thrives year-round, its blooms defying the harsh surroundings with their enduring beauty. Hibiscus is not merely decorative; it's medicine for our bodies, infused into teas, culinary dishes, and religious ceremonies.

Like the hibiscus, bloom and embody beauty, letting your words become a healing balm for life's journey.


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