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What do you do with your old computers?  Do you throw them away or recycle them?  I have found a new and groovy way to upcycle old computers to make them into useful products.

This I do by using parts from the CPU (Central Processing Unit) to design and create artworks.  The process is intricate and takes several steps before the actual painting begins, but it is a “beautiful process of creation”, that I  revels in.

In my full time career, I a Director of Information Communications and Technology and I pursue my passion of Art as a part-time business.  I was then inspired to combine both careers by using computer parts and art (CompArt) together.

The process begins by disassembling old computers and taking aside the parts that will be used for design. I then create designs, then affix the parts to ply board or canvas to create a unique piece of artwork.  After the drying process is completed, I then starts to paint the pieces by adding ink, wax, spray paint and acrylic paints to the design.

Varnish is later added as a sealant for the work, the piece is then framed for exhibition and sale.

This collection was painted whilst listening to lectures on ICT Security and connection which inspired the pieces, The pieces also glow in the Dark, which is an added dimension to the works!

The theme for the collection is : FIWI Connection (WIFI turned backwards), and they will be displayed in the upcoming KOTE art festival in Kingston Jamaica in June 2016.



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