Shawn Ashman

Shawn Ashman (aka Lady Ash) is a talented artist and author born in Kingston, Jamaica.  Known for her unique mixed media with modern cubism inspirations.  She is also an instructor who uses art to change lives and shares her passion for creativity through various programmes and books.  

Despite being self-taught, Ashman honed her skills in mixed media techniques and creates art that conveys positive messages to viewers. 

 Her work incorporates a range of media including acrylics, ink, oil, charcoal, recycled materials and other media with a particular emphasis on bold, contrasting colours and dynamic compositions. Her art is infused with strong messages, reflecting her belief in the power of art to inspire positive change and promote a more optimistic outlook on life.

Throughout her career, Ashman has exhibited her art in various galleries in Jamaica and the United States, earning critical acclaim for her unique style and message. 



Her work can be found in several outlets in Jamaica, including her own, "Masterpiece Gallery" and advocates for creativity and positive living.

Lady Ash, continues to inspire and motivate artist and enthusiasts worldwide.