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Draw It Out providing a different form of therapy

FINE artist Shawn Ashman’s revolutionary Draw It Out programme has been nothing short of transformative since its launch in July of last year.

The programme, run by the Art of Motivation team, uses art as a form of therapy and has woven its impact through schools, communities, and major corporations across the island.

Beyond creating therapeutic journals for children and parents, the programme has expanded to offer online courses, tailored art journals for teachers, and fosters team-building through artistic expression in large corporations.

Ashman’s programme is spreading widely, captivating hearts and minds as it ventures into new territories of creative well-being. >>More

Malta, D&G Foundation's conflict workshop at B.B. Coke High

With intense focus and precision, B.B Coke Hero, Dejaun Powell was fully immersed in the session.

Malta, in partnership with the D&G Foundation, executed a conflict resolution workshop for thirty male students in grades 9-11 at the B.B Coke High School in St. Elizabeth. Hosted recently at the institution, the activation was a part of the entities’ plans to commemorate International Men’s Day, embodying the commitment to help ensure that no male is abandoned or excluded, especially in challenging or dangerous situations.

Led by the CEO of Art of Motivation Inc., Shawn Ashman, the aim of the exercise was to encourage young men to not lose sight of what matters, embrace the probability of making mistakes, and chart their own course on their life’s journey. This focus was centred on utilising art as a therapeutic tool for emotional management, while also serving as a source of inspiration and motivation.

Speaking of her experience of leading the session, Ashman expressed her delight as she watched the young men connect with the art. She shared, “The boys came to the session very curious as to what we would be doing, and after a while, you began to see an energy shift in the room as they began working together and collaborating on pieces.” >> More <<


IT specialist leaves job to pursue passion as an artist

Shawn C. Ashman is living her dream after leaving her job in the government service to pursue her art.

Draw it Out  Programme - Cockburn Gardens School 

Almost 100 youth and parents benefited from the Art of Motivation franchise’s immersive ‘Draw It Out’ programme, hosted in partnership with the Desnoes and Geddes (D&G) Foundation. The most recent event occurred at Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High School, engaging over 20 participants and their parents in an interactive painting session filled with laughter, relaxation, and heart-warming moments. As the session progressed, teachers were also gifted with therapeutic art journals. From left: Parent and PTA President Fidel Whyte; teacher Ebonie Findley; Art of Motivation Director Shawn Ashman; principal Dr Kinglocke-Findley; D&G Foundation Accountant Dennis Beckford; and Senior Secretary Gillian McGeachy.


 D&G Foundation and 'Art of Motivation' continue to inspire creativity

The most recent event occurred at Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High, engaging more than 20 enthusiastic young participants and their parents in an interactive painting session filled with laughter, relaxation, and heart-warming moments.

 'Draw it Out' brings parents and children closer in Seaview Gardens

THE D&G Foundation has joined forces with The Art of Motivation programme to launch the immersive Draw It Out programme in schools, to inspire youth empowerment and community development through art.

The launch event hosted at Seaview Gardens Primary School last Friday included an interactive painting session for parents and children before extending a donation of Shawn Ashman's therapeutic art journals to participants.

Ashman designed the Draw It Out programme to promote healing and self-expression among children and parents.


 Shawn Ashman – using art to evoke change

Fine artist Shawn Ashman has always had a desire to express herself. She started her artistic journey as a young girl in Grants Pen and used her art to express her thoughts as she basked in its therapeutic effect while creating. Since then, she has developed a stellar reputation as a globally celebrated artist.

Though her career first started in an entirely different industry, Ashman’s unwavering passion and deep appreciation eventually led her to becoming a full-time artist.