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Shawn Ashman

Morning Tide

Morning Tide

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Collection Name: Sails of Serenity

Name: Morning Tide

Date: 2024

Size: 24" x 12"

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Framed?: No

Artist:  Shawn Ashman

"Morning Tide" captures the ethereal beauty of a single boat gently floating on the sea under the cloak of early dawn. The darkness of the night gives way to the first light of morning, casting a subtle glow on the tranquil waters. This painting evokes a sense of solitude and introspection, inviting viewers to embrace the quiet moments before the day awakens.

The lone boat, adrift in the sea, symbolizes hope and new beginnings, poised on the brink of a fresh start. "Morning Tide" is a celebration of the stillness and promise that the break of day brings, where every wave whispers the possibility of a new journey.


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