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Shawn Ashman

Calm Current

Calm Current

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Collection Name: Sails of Serenity

Name: Calm Current

Date: 2024

Size: 32" x 18"

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Framed?: No

Artist:  Shawn Ashman

"Calm Currents" weaves a delicate narrative of serenity and introspection, featuring a woman gracefully poised with a boat and a single rose in hand.

This evocative painting captures the gentle flow of water that mirrors the calm within her soul. The rose, symbolizing beauty and fleeting moments, adds a poignant touch, while the boat represents her journey through life's serene and turbulent waters. With its soft, soothing hues and intricate details, "Calm Currents" invites viewers to drift into a state of quiet reflection, where the harmony of nature and the human spirit converge in a moment of profound peace.


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